Well, that's not strictly acurate, but close enough.  I'm still mostly working on the graphics conversion for my project with Jedi Nescioquis, although I am making some progress on Archipelago.  I'm also considering a mod for BoE, but it'd probably not be very popular.  But, it's something to consider...

  Still no reviews of The Cherth Campaign, though I have gotten quite a bit of useful feedback via the forums.  I've decided that for now I won't take the time to edit it, though that could be another thing to consider in future.

  Also, I re-worked my site to include a separate page for other spiderweb games stuff (e.g. Jedi Nescioquis's mods and patches).  It's under 'Other Stuff'.  It also includes the link to Other Scenarios, though Zero Point* is the only one there now.  I hope that will change soon.



  I've been away this past weekend, and will be gone and unable to access the internet again tomorrow thru Sunday afternoon, so I haven't had a chance to update my site here.  The Cherth Campaign was a massive flop, most likely due to some early-design work done by one of the kids that I forgot to edit. 

  I'm also working on another BoE scenario, this time with Jedi Nescioquis.  It involves a complete graphics conversion (by yours truly) and a cool, top-secret storyline (by Jedi Nescioquis).  We're working cooperatively on designing and coding towns. 

  But don't worry, I'm still working on Archipelago (with the kids, but keeping a closer eye on the design, this time).  Almost 50% of the outdoors is completed, and I'm currently working on some of the towns.  I've made a lot of new graphics for this one as well, and a few that actually look really good.  In any case, I hope that it does better than The Cherth Campaign.  And to any newcomers, I'd highly recommend that you at least give a try at designing a scenario or two.  If we can revive BoE, that would be wonderful.



After all these months of holding onto it, I've finally determined to stop tinkering and release it into the open!  If you want to get it, either click here or go to the 'My Scenarios' page and click on 'The Cherth Campaign'.  It'll have the zip file and a separate walkthrough file, in case the included hints aren't enough for you.

Once again, a great big thank you to all my alpha- and beta-testers, as well as all the people who posted responses to my many questions on the Spiderweb forums.  You guys are great, and this scenario would not be finished were it not for your help!

If you have any comments, please email me at Mistb0rn@aol.com.  And if you play The Cherth Campaign, please take a few minutes to give it a review at the Shadow Vale CSR.  I really appreciate your feedback!

I hope you like it!


The Cherth Campaign is finally in the final final testing stage.  I'll likely be able to release it ahead of schedule.  Eclipse and Jedi Nescioquis have done a wonderful job of testing it for me, and I'm thanking them here, as well as in the readme.  Thank you, guys!

Archipelago is taking a break while I come up with a better story/ side-quests/ map/ idea/ thing.  I'm still planning to do it, I just need to make it good.



Well, I've been slowly but surely playing my way through the BoE allscen package, and now I've reached 'The Wreck of the Slug'.  And you know what?  It's a lot like my work-in-progress scenario Archipelago, but he already did it better!  I'm not sure whether to give up or just try harder to come up with better stuff.  So I'm taking a depressed break from Archipelago for a few days to think this over.  That's the proble with coming in late to the BoE designing community.  Even my best 'new' ideas have already been done before.

Still haven't heard back from my beta-tester on The Cherth Campaign beta 1.0.2, so I don't have that to edit.  Although Jedi Nescioquis (my other alpha-tester, besides me) somehow managed to play the entire scenario through, and win it, with a brand new party.  I'd say that merits mention. 

Everyone else is still working on their respective scenarios, but you've probably heard more than enough vague references to them already. 
I guess that's all for tonight.



I just finished The Cherth Campaign Beta 1.0.2, and sent it to my beta tester.  (I could use a few more beta testers, email me at Mistb0rn@aol.com if you're interested.)
I'm still working on a few of the advanced node sequences of Cherth, so I haven't made much progress on Archipelago this past week. 
I've also been re-reading the two first books in the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson (I'm a big fan...) since I got book 3 for Christmas!  If you haven't read them, I highly recommend them.  Excellent fantasy series, very original. 
But, BoE.  Yes.  Well, ~*Tornac*~ has been working on her scenario, a short one about a nephil invasion.  Also, one of the kids (she's planning to go by Dia_Chan) has started working on one too, so we should have several coming out in the next few months.  I've got an idea for my first new-party scenario for when I finish Archipelago, but that may take a while.

Happy New Year!