I'm currently in the middle of creating the scenario for Dahak's contest.  At the moment, I think I'm finished with custom graphics and have moved on to the towns.  The outdoors is basically done, but I'm leaving the nodeing until I have a better idea of what all will be going on.  I already have the basic quest planned out, but I have no side-quests.  I haven't decided if I should add some, or just finish the actual scenario and then possibly add in a few.

  All other BoE projects are on hold for now, since I really want to enter this contest. 

  I've been considering changing from the default image for my site header to one of my own, but I can't decide which one.  I'm holding off on deciding for now, but I think I'll probably post a poll question on spidweb when I'm ready to make the change.

  Nothing else really going on around here.  It's officially spring, but still freezing.  I'm having trouble coming up with interesting pictures, and even more trouble remembering to upload them.



  As you might or might not know, I've put Archipelago on hold once again--this time because I'm creating a themed scenario for Dahak's creative scenario contest.  I have the basic story figured out, I have the title, and I have the outdoor map and most of the towns planned.  Unfortunately, I also had planned to use a lot of custom graphics, including a dragon. 

  I am terrible at drawing dragons.  Even after practicing on paper for the past few weeks, none actually looked good.  So I eventually just sat down with my paint shop program, with a 2x2 BoE sized blank canvas and started making dots.  It took almost a week of editing, re-editing, starting over with only one part kept, and quite a bit of frustration, but I finally have something that, while certainly not perfect, is actually semi-recognizable as a dragon.  So I'm pretty happy about that.  (Now I need to finish the other custom graphics and get started on the towns and node-ing.)

  I've been making progress on writing, though I'm beginning to fear that my storyline is terrible.  I've finally finished playing Geneforge the first time, now I'm going to do it differently before moving on to number two.  I've been taking pictures for Ephesos's photo challenge, but I'm not good at uploading them in a timely manner.  The mod is also on hold. 
That's pretty much it.