Well, Zero Point* got a great review at Shadow vale.  It's exactly what it deserved, in my opinion. 
I'm still looking for beta testers for The Cherth Campaign, so far I have exactly two. 
ZeroPointEngery [sic] has begun working on his second scenario, a comparatively serious one.

Completely unrelated, but I was looking around on the internet and Al Stewart is apparently still doing concerts.  I prefer the old versions of his songs, but I think it's great that he's still around.  Now I'll have to go look up Gordon Lightfoot...  ;-)



I just posted a scenario by one of my friends.  It's his first attempt, and I probably wouldn't recommend it, although it does provide a slight amount of entertainment.  It is called "Zero Point*" (Written by ZeroPointEngery [sic]) and is available for download under the "Other Scenarios" tab.  Please direct all comments to me at Mistb0rn@aol.com and I will forward them to him.  Also, he would appreciate you leaving an honest review of the scenario at the Shadow Vale forum.

In other news, I am still looking for a few more beta testers before I release The Cherth Campaign.  Please email me at Mistb0rn@aoll.com if you are interested.  I would like you to play the scenario and report to me by January 31, 2009 if you sign up to be a beta tester.  That should be plenty of time, since the scenario is pretty small--1 outdoor section and around 10 towns.

Merry Christmas!