After doing a lot of work over the past few days, I have actually made most of the essential internals for my Dahak contest scenario.  Now that the scenario is playable, I need to add things like monsters, dialog, an enemy to kill at the end, and do a few touch-ups on the nodes I've finished.  Intro text is done and I'm currently working on the townspeople, who all need their own custom graphics.  I wasn't originally planning for that, but it'd get confusing with 60 people running around who all look the same, and the story really does call for that. 

  I've been able to keep up on Ephesos's photo challenge.  I haven't missed a day since mid-February.  And a few people actually liked some of them. 

  Can't think of much else to say at the moment.  Dikiyoba's finally a moderator, but that's pretty much common knowledge.  Well, that's all for today.


5/31/2012 05:58:49 am

Thanks for info


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