We just finished the 1-hour scenario contest that our family did for fun, and the resulting scenarios are available under the "Other Stuff" tab.

Please let us know what you think!

In other, older news...I gave up on the Dahak scenario since I would not be able to finish it for the deadline, I gave up on Archipelago because I ran out of nodes in the most important towns and am too lazy to redo them, and I have started another scenario that is hopefully not going to be given up on. 

Am I the only one who thinks that header image needs to be changed to something less default?  I'm not sure whether to give it a more photograph-that-I-took or Blades-of-Exile look.  Opinions, anyone?

6/30/2011 01:03:40 am

Hello, I stumbled across this site while surfing google and I am wondering why you have not posted recently and why there are no new scenarios from you in the present. I enjoyed your campain that you uploaded and I own a Game review site that would be willing to review your work for you if you like I am always interested in people that design scenarios and games for other people. Looking forward to more games from you and posts.

Greg from the Gamermage Staff.

8/14/2011 02:22:38 am

I've been quite busy with work and everything, so I haven't had time to finish any more scenarios to my satisfaction. I'm also sort of waiting for the new version of open BoE to be ready since the original editor is very limiting once I actually figured out the system and understood the scripting a bit better.
If I ever do get around to finishing or releasing another scenario, I'll plan to let you know in case you still want to review it.

7/11/2012 03:45:02 pm

Great info, thanks


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