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Avernum 4 Unencumbrance Mod

This mod, written by Jedi Nescioquis, will completely remove encumbrance from Avernum 4. (version 1.0.1)

Run the program in the same folder where Avernum 4.exe is located and it will create for you the modified version with a new name. (The o

Unencumbrance Mod 1.1

This is a mod for Geneforge #1-3 that completely removes encumbrance during combat.  It is written by Jedi Nescioquis. 

Mod description:
This is a mod for Windows copies of Geneforge which will remove the annoying encumbrance problem during combat when you are carrying too much stuff.

New in version 1.1:
+Fixed some minor bugs
+Removed some diagnostic messages that the user doesn't need to see
+Renamed to 'Unencumbrance Mod' (Was spelled 'Unencumberance', which is wrong)

To use, place the program into the same folder as the .exe of the game you wish to patch.
Then, run the program and select the game you want to patch (the one the program is in the
folder for) from the menu. 
Geneforge 2.exe is by default in "C:\Program Files\Geneforge 2", so to patch Geneforge 2,
that is where you should put the program. Then just open it and click on the Geneforge 2 button, and wait a few seconds for it to patch.

If you want to remove the mod, just delete Geneforge.exe (or Geneforge 2.exe, etc.), and rename geneforge_backup.exe (It will be called something slightly different) to Geneforge.exe (Or, again, Geneforge 2.exe, or whatever your game is.)

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