Well, I've been slowly but surely playing my way through the BoE allscen package, and now I've reached 'The Wreck of the Slug'.  And you know what?  It's a lot like my work-in-progress scenario Archipelago, but he already did it better!  I'm not sure whether to give up or just try harder to come up with better stuff.  So I'm taking a depressed break from Archipelago for a few days to think this over.  That's the proble with coming in late to the BoE designing community.  Even my best 'new' ideas have already been done before.

Still haven't heard back from my beta-tester on The Cherth Campaign beta 1.0.2, so I don't have that to edit.  Although Jedi Nescioquis (my other alpha-tester, besides me) somehow managed to play the entire scenario through, and win it, with a brand new party.  I'd say that merits mention. 

Everyone else is still working on their respective scenarios, but you've probably heard more than enough vague references to them already. 
I guess that's all for tonight.


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